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  • Do you sell gift cards?
    Yes! You can purchase gift cards at our farm store redeemable for in-store purchases or you can purchase store credits for yourself or as a gift redeemable on our online webstore. If you're purchasing store credits to our online webstore, you have the option to enter a gift recipient email address and message so that they will be notified. You may use the following link to purchase store credits: Gift cards and store credits are the perfect gift idea for friends and family on birthdays, holidays, and special occasions!
  • How much beef will I receive for a bulk order?
    For a bulk order from Tucker's Ranch, the amount of beef you will receive will depend on the cut and weight of the animal. The actual weight and yield will vary based on the specific animal and cuts selected. At Tucker's Ranch, we offer personalized custom processing to tailor your order to your preferences, including specific cuts and packaging options. We strive to provide high-quality, locally-raised beef that is sustainably produced and processed. Average beef received for bulk order yielding 60% of the hanging weight: To place a custom bulk whole, half, or quarter beef order, visit our webstore!
  • How much will my bulk order of beef cost?
    For a bulk order of beef from Tucker's Ranch, the total cost will depend on the hanging weight of the animal. Please reference the table below for information on deposits, pricing, processing fees, and estimated totals. To place a custom bulk whole, half, or quarter beef order, visit our webstore!
  • Is my deposit refundable?
    No. Deposits are non-refundable as each deposit reserves a share of a specific animal.
  • What if an item is sold out?
    If an item is sold out on our website you can still contact us directly to place an order! We will be able to let you know our next butcher date and when you can expect to receive your items.
  • What is hanging weight?
    At Tucker's Black Angus Ranch, we sell our meats by hanging weight, which is the weight of the carcass after initial slaughter and processing, once the hide, head, and some organs have been removed. This is the industry standard for how money is exchanged for bulk meat, and what is tracked by the processor and observed by State and Federal Meat inspectors. Our hanging weights for beef typically average 750 pounds for whole beef, 375 lbs for half beef, and 180 lbs for quarter beef, with a yield percentage that varies by animal but averages 60%. We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality beef and are transparent about our hanging weight and pricing process. We understand that buying meat in bulk can be confusing, contact us today if you have additional questions to learn more about our hanging weight pricing and to place your order. You can feel confident knowing you are supporting a family-owned farm with a commitment to producing high-quality, sustainable meats.
  • What is included in the CSA Meat Subscription?
    If you're looking for fresh, high-quality meats, look no further than our CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) Subscription. You'll get a variety of beef, pork, and chicken each month that is humanely raised and recently processed, with the option to modify your meat selection by request. Our signature black Angus beef is a favorite among our customers. By subscribing, you're also supporting local agriculture and farmers while investing in your food and community. Check out our 3-Month and 6-Month CSA Subscriptions in our webstore!
  • When can I pick up my order?
    Please note that while we do list fulfillment and pickup dates on our online store during checkout, at this time, customers may also call or message us directly to arrange pickup.
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